Apply for a helper

Each applicant is allowed to apply for one maid subject to the prevailing guidelines of the Immigration Department of Malaysia.

  • Application By Principal (Employer) / MM2H Agent
  • Completed Domestic Helper's Application Form (Available at MM2H Center)
  • Form IM. 12 (Available at MM2H Center)
  • Form IM. 38 (If Applicable)
  • Letter of Intention By The Principal/ Sponsor
  • Approval Letter From Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA - For Domestic Helper From Philippine Only)
  • Passed Medical Check Up (From Origin Country of Domestic Helper)
  • Personal Bond (Stamped RM 10.00 at Duty Stamp Office)
  • A Copy of Applicant's Passport & approval letter
  • A Copy of Principal's Passport (Particulars & MM2H Visa Pages)
  • Employment's Contract (Stamped RM 10.00 at Duty Stamp Office) - 2 Original Copies
  • SNP/Tenancy Agreement - Copy
  • Utilities Bil (Electricity/ Water/ Astro) - Copy
  • Marriage/Birth Certificate - Copy & Original
  • FOMEMA Approval After The Levi Payment