Iran pakej 2020

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Among the Southeast Asian countries, the Malaysians may be more familiar with Iranians. Many Iranian students study at Malaysian universities and choose this beautiful country for recreation and enjoyment.

The conversance of the Malaysians with Iranians has led them to show more interest in visiting the natural and historical attractions of Iran during the past few years.

You may travel to Iran as Malaysian citizens, individually or in groups, and visit every spot you wish without any limitation. However, traveling with a group guided by an experienced tour leader dominant the whole area and locals will give you a better insight to Iran, past and present; so, we advise you to travel in groups.

Moreover, For a GIT service if there is a need we will provide two tour guide which is one is our local tour guide and one is from Malaysian , which can speak in Malay language and also a Persian language , this will give and advantages on behalf of you and your customer to have more fun while traveling to Iran and no need to worried to use others language while communicate with Iranian people.

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