Adventure Travel in Iran 29/05/2018

Iran has a huge potential for all kinds of tourism starting with a beach holiday and ending with extreme tourism. Taking into account the requirements of tourists and trends, Iran began to actively develop tourism in all areas in recent years, which led to an increase in the flow of tourists.

Extreme tourism is one of the most popular types of tourism worldwide. Today, Iranian tour operators offer several destinations for adventure tourism, that will provide the lovers of adrenaline with a memorable charge of emotions.

So, today we will tell you about the most popular among tourists extreme activities in Iran.


Adventure Travel in Iran: Climbing the volcano Damavand

Iran is the country of ancient cities and historic monuments, diverse of nature with plains, rocky mountains and water expanses. The most popular destination for adventure tourism is climbing the volcano Damavand.

Damavand is Iran’s highest point, 5670m, and it is not so easy to win the height. High climbing level requires physical training. In addition, you need to get permission from the Federation of climbers ($ 50) to climb the volcano.

At this altitude, the weather is harsh. Climbing in spring is rather complicated, but Demavend is so beautiful in the spring. Summer is the best time for the tour. On the mountain there is less snow, the winds are not as strong. Autumn and winter are not suitable for climbing the volcano. On the mountain, it is windy and very cold. Demavend is a popular destination for both tourists and locals (the mountain is a national symbol of the country), so there is quite crowded in the summer.

The journey begins with the first camp in Polur village (80 km from Tehran). The village can be reached by taxi or by bus from Tehran to the northern part of the country. On the way, you need to get out on the highway Kharaz and get to Polur. Here you can stay in a cozy hostel Polur or shelter Rhine with all amenities.

Acclimatization and climbing to the second point take two days. During this time, the body has time to adjust to oxygen deficiency.

16 routes take to the volcano, but only 4 routes are popular and here are located most hostels and camps.


Adventure Travel in Iran: Trekking across the deserts of Central Iran  

the central part of the country has become one of the most popular places for trekking. Due to the harsh climatic conditions in the desert, this kind of extreme tourism requires endurance and physical training.

For beginners, professional guides will first of all get you acquainted with the conditions that you are going to live in for the upcoming days: lack of drinking water, heat and virtually no shade. While trekking through the desert you will have an opportunity to see wild animals, many of which are rare and endangered.

Trekking through the deserts includes crossing the desert, as well as close acquaintance with the traditions of the nomads, living in tents and wild conditions far away from civilization. You will be taken to another world and another era, feel like in a fairy tale about a magical east. In short, a couple of days of extreme tour in the desert will never be forgotten.

Particularly popular are tours to the desert Dasht-i-Kavir and Dasht-e Lut.


Adventure Travel in Iran: diving on the Kish island

Kish is the biggest resort center in the country. This is the most popular destination for a beach holiday in Iran. Moreover, Kish is an island with unique natural attractions. The island is in the Persian Gulf and it has become popular for dive centers and unique natural attractions among the tourists.

For adventure tourism dive centers offer diving and support of experienced instructors and rental equipment for diving. Kish is an ideal place for both professional divers and beginners. Maximum diving depth is about 10 m; you will see coral reefs and rare fish species.

The island has all facilities for comfortable stay. However, you should keep in mind that the beaches are divided into zones for men and women.


Adventure Travel in Iran: Skiing in Dizin

For lovers of winter sports, we offer to visit the largest ski resort of Dizin. The resort is located 125km from Tehran. Alborz Mountains and the resort itself is considered one of the highest with the highest lift point of 3600m. The mountain has 22 lifts at different levels. The most suitable season for active sports in Dizin begins in November and lasts until the beginning of May.

The resort town has all the facilities for the comfortable stay; hotels and guest houses, restaurants, cafes and etc.

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