Chaldoran Church 16/12/2019

According to the historians, Chaldoran Church  consider as one of the oldest scared building  in the world which located 30 km north of Chaldoran village. The Date of the church goes back to 8th century. However, the church was registred as a historical heritage site in UNESCO. This consider as one the best and well–maintained churches in the world and attracts many tourists and travelers to the site.  Anyway,  over the years, the church underwent repairing and its famous black stones were changed with whitish ones.

Qareh Kalisa is alternatively known as Kalisa-ye Tadi (Church of St Thaddaeus) for St Thaddaeus (aka Tatavoos or Jude the Apostle), who allegedly founded a church here in 43. Apparently his preaching proved a little too successful for the jealous Armenian king, who massacred Thaddaeus and 3000 of his converts in 66, including the king's own daughter, Sandokht, whose purported tomb is that lonely bunker on the hill you passed a few kilometres back. In a curious twist, Armenia later became the world’s first Christian nation (in 301). Thaddaeus’ memory was revived with a chapel built here at his assumed grave in 371.

However, during Qajar, a local ruler repaired the construction and put off an inscription on the wall of the church with his own name.   Chaldoran Church  consist of two main domes with height of 25 and 6 meters. Furthermore, all the walls of the church are huge in size and consist of mini-doors and windows. Anyone who can visit different constructions such as cistern, stable, bedchamber, water storage and so on.
About the decoration, the church has some shapes of humans and different plants on the wall. Also, there are some inscription in Armenian language.

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