Holiday in Dizin 29/05/2018

If you think that Iran is all about deserts, ancient cities and ruins of ancient Persia, you are deeply mistaken. Modern Iran will surprise you with its beauty and unique natural attractions. In addition, Iran is actively developing an extreme tourism, attracting in resort centers more and more tourists. One of the most popular places for adventure tours in the country is the ski resort of Dizin about which we’re going to tell you below:


Holiday in Dizin: Location and tracks

Dizin ski resort is located in the north of the country, in shahrestane of Karaj, Alborz Province, at a distance of 130 km from Tehran. The resort was opened in 1969 and quickly became popular outside the country. The tracks of ski resort have been considered proper for international competitions. Dizin is considered one of the highest resorts in the world, and to this fact, the season here lasts longer than in other popular ski resorts (from November to May).

Ski tracks are quite steep and uneven in places, which make them so attractive for extreme lovers. From high slopes, there opens a great view of the extinct volcano Damavand (5600m).

On the slopes there are 12 ski lifts that allow you to move from one track to another, changing the complexity, as well as 3 four-place-gondola lifts. Lifts start from a height of 2700 m, the maximum height of the lift is 3629 meters. The working hours of lifts аре from 08:00 to 16:00. On the religious holidays, the slopes and lifts are not working. The ski resort is basically not crowded, and only at the weekend (the weekend in Iran is on Friday) the locals gather here. Still, you will hardly see any queue at the lifts.

The trails in the resort are divided by the level of difficulty. Red tracks with a high level of complexity have the height of more than 3500 meters. For beginners, there are training grounds with instructors. Trails are so broad that every time, you can choose a new path, thereby obtaining new emotions and adrenaline.

On weekdays, the price of ski passes is about $ 12, on the weekend the price is $ 15.


Holiday in Dizin: Where to stay?

At the first ski lift there is Dizin hotel, the most popular place among tourists. The hotel consists of two buildings and several cottages. The hotel is more like a guesthouse, but its location is perfect for those who do not want to waste time on the road from the hotel to the slopes. The hotel has a restaurant that offers a buffet for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Only soft drinks are sold at the bar.

The next hotel Gajereh is located in 2 km from the resort. The hotel has 4 buildings with all amenities and a restaurant. The hotel also offers free transfer service to the slopes, which is quite convenient for the guests.

A few kilometers from the resort there are guest houses, cottages, villas and private apartments as well as restaurants and cafes with local and European cuisine. Several cozy cafes are located near the lifts where you can drink a cup of hot chocolate and relax.


Holiday in Dizin: How to get to Dizin?

You can get to the ski resort by public transport from Tehran. If you decide to get to Dizin by car, you’d better choose a safe route through Karaj. The road will take about 2.5 hours. You can also take a taxi which will cost about $ 50-70.

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