Holidays on Kish Island 29/05/2018

One of the most popular tourist destinations in Iran is Kish Island. The island is located in the south of the country, in the Persian Gulf, 20 km from the coast and covers an area of 35 km2. Previously, Kish was a private island where shahs loved to spend holidays with families and guests. Today it is a chic and modern resort.

Island Kish is famous for its golden sandy beaches and clear water. The water temperature in January reaches +23°C. The holiday season starts from November and lasts until March, while in summer it is very hot and humid.

Despite the fact that it is a resort island, sunbathing and swimming is not allowed. The beach area is divided into two parts: male and female. Women are allowed to swim only on their half of the beach in special clothing and headwear. To attract tourists, the state is working on a project to open free zones on the island, where foreign tourists can rest without restrictions, i,e to swim without special clothes and sunbathe on the beach.

Kish Island is a free trade area, here you can visit without a visa and stay for two weeks.


Holidays on Kish Island: How to get there?

From Tehran there are daily departures to the island. In addition, in high season there are charters to the island from all major cities of Iran.


Holidays on Kish Island: Active Holidays

If you prefer active tourism, then you will surely like holidays on the island of Kish. Diving is actively developed here, there is even a diving school with professional instructors and equipment.

The island will be interesting for both professional divers and beginners. The Persian Gulf will surprise you with beautiful coral reefs, a variety of fish and turtles.

In addition to diving, the island has excellent conditions for the lovers of active sports. In the sports complex “Olympic” there are tennis courts, fields for football, volleyball, and basketball, swimming pool, etc.

Through the whole island runs a bicycle path. Far from the road, the bike path passes through wild places, and, while riding, one can enjoy the beauty of the island.

And finally, the island has everything you need for all kinds of water sports: windsurfing, yachting, water skiing, etc.


Holidays on Kish Island: Attractions

In addition to natural beauty, Kish is famous for its sights, which are definitely worth a visit:


Drowned ship

The Greek ship dropped anchor on the shores of the island in 1966 and could no longer get out of shallow water. The team, when leaving the ship, set fire to it, and now only the iron frame remained from it. On the background of the rising sun, the ship looks indescribably beautiful.


Kariz underground city

Underground channels are common in Iran. Because of the deficit of water, the ancient Persians sought water under the earth, cutting through long canals. Today, one of these channels is open to tourists. The underground city of Kariz is more than 2500 year old. Now in the tunnels there are shops with souvenirs and a teahouse.

Ruins of Harireh 


In the north of the island, you will find the ruins of the ancient city Harireh, which existed in the VIII century. Despite the fact that there are only ruins remained, you can still see the greatness of ancient Persia and the unique architecture of those times.


“Green Tree” complex

In the north of the island, there is a green zone built around 600 year old tree.  Locals believe that this is a magical tree, and if you make a wish beside the tree, your dream will surely come true. On the tree, there are small knots as symbols of visitors’ wishes.


Dolphinarium and terrarium

The island is constantly developing, offering the guests more and more interesting places of entertainment. Dolphinarium, terrarium, cactus park, orchid garden, butterfly park and much more are waiting for you on the amazing island of Kish.

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