Ice cream in Iran 25/05/2018

Ice cream in Iran is sold at every corner. Its variety is simply amazing: fruit, traditional vanilla, chocolate, with pistachios, saffron, balls in horns and cups, milkshakes and etc. So, as Iranians are such fans of ice cream we decided to devote an article to this delicious treat. Today you will learn what types of ice cream in Iran are considered the most loved and will discover many interesting things.


Ice cream in Iran: faloodeh

Traditional Iranian ice cream is called faloodeh, and that is not the one that we are used to. This cold dessert is made of starch or rice flour. It looks like noodles with sauce. The preparation process is quite interesting. Thin noodles from starch or rice flour are made by a special machine, then are left to cool in cold water. At last, ice cream is filled with sugar or lemon syrup, rose water, pistachios and ice crumbs. Iranians adore faloodeh, and tourists try it as a popular Iranian food. Its sugary sweet taste is quite specific, and probably not everyone will like it.

By the way, faloodeh is one of the first known varieties of ice cream, and it appeared in the V century BC. The ice for faloodeh was brought in ancient times from the mountains and was stored in the ancient prototypes of the refrigerator – yakchalas.


Ice cream in Iran: saffron ice cream

In Iran, saffron is widely used for preparing various dishes, as well as traditional sweets. This is one of the most expensive spices in the world. Iranians call it “red gold” and even add it to ice cream. Saffron ice cream is worth a try! It is made from sugar, milk, rose water and, of course, add a fragrant saffron. The spice gives the dessert a yellow color.


Ice cream in Iran: interesting facts

Ice cream in Iran is not just a dessert, but one of the main products of the Iran’s exports, more precisely the second food product by export volume. The main buyers of Iranian ice cream are Iraq, Pakistan, India, Afghanistan, Kuwait, Germany, Georgia and others. The largest producers are Panda, Domino, Daity and Mihan.

In 2013, the Iranian ice cream company Choopan Dairy set a new world record by preparing the largest ice cream. The event was held in the resort of Tochal. Giant ice cream weighed five tons, dimensions were 1.6 x 2 meters. The record holder spent more than $ 30,000 on making the ice cream

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