Lakes in Iran 29/05/2018

Iran is famous for its unique variety of natural landscapes. Traveling around the country you will see endless hot deserts, tropical coastlines, dense forests, and plains. However, the hot and dry climate is reflected in the water coverage of the country: there are shallow rivers that dry up during the hot months. In Iran, there are several large lakes, which are essential parts of Iran’s ecosystem. Today we would like to introduce you to the largest and the most beautiful and unique lakes in Iran.


Lakes in Iran: Urmia Lake

Urmia is one of the most beautiful natural sights in Iran. The lake is located in the northwest of the country and covers an area of 5200 km2. Because of the salt content in the water its deep blue color shimmers in the sun, attracting attention.

In places where the water level is low, you will see salt crystals which are visible and give a mystical view of the lake. Numerous large and small islands on the lake are the only “inhabitants of the lake”, as there are no living organisms in salt water.

Urmia is considered one of the largest lakes in the world, however, it began to dry up in the last 20 years: the hot harsh climate and a gradual decrease in annual precipitation have led to the reduction of the lake area. And the other unique fact – the increasing of salt concentration led to the changes of water color as the algae in the water began to blush. From satellite, the lake looks like a bloodstain.


Lakes in Iran: Anzali Lake

The lake is located on the shores of the Caspian Sea, in the southwest of the country, in Gilan province. The lake and the small nearby village Tourbebar (40 km from the lake) attract a huge number of tourists who come to admire the view of the port.

Anzali is the largest freshwater lake in the country. The flora and fauna of the lagoon is quite varied: there are about 78 species of birds which perform a real “show”, and tourists are happy to come into the lagoon to enjoy the flight of birds, the beauty of the lake and lilies, as well as to ride on a boat.


Lakes in Iran: Maharloo Lake

Salt Lake Maharloo is located at the distance of 27 km from Shiraz in Fars Province. It is another miracle of Iran, which is striking in its unnatural beauty. The uniqueness of the lake isits color: a special kind of algae in the lake changes the lake color into the bright pink, due to the high salinity and a small depth of the lake. During the dry season, the lake dries up. Another wonder of the lake is pink flamingos that spend winter on the lake.


Lakes in Iran: Hamun Lake

Hamun lake is located in the southeast of Iran, Sistan province. Hamun got the status of a biosphere reserve by UNESCO and today the lake and the whole territory are protected objects.

Hamun is a group of reservoirs, that are located on the territory of Iran and Afghanistan. The reservoirs on the territory of Iran occupy about 60,000 hectares. Reed ponds are used in construction, and in the marshes nomadic people are engaged in fishing.


Lakes in Iran: Daryache-e Namak (Salt Lake)

Daryache-e Namak or Salt Lake is located 62 km to the east of the city of Qom. The surface area of the lake is about 647 square miles. Salt Lake is a dead zone, and there is nothing there but salt. Most of the lake has dried up and only 1 km2 is covered by water. Those places that are covered with water create an illusion of a mirror reflecting sun shine.

Despite the fact that no living creatures are found in the lake, Namak is unique in its kind. The lake is rich in minerals and is considered a unique source of lithium.

Salt Lake is isolated from civilization, and the plain area is ideal for observing the stars. In addition, it attracts professional photographers that are looking for capturing the natural beauty.

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