Most Luxurious Hotels in Iran 25/05/2018

Iran is a land of deserts and nomads, as well as chic palaces and luxury hotels for those who like quality service and comfort.


Most Luxurious Hotels in Iran: Espinas, Tehran

The most popular and expensive VIP hotel in Iran, Espinaz, accepts high-ranking guests of the country like politicians, ministers, presidents, businessmen and simply rich guests. The hotel is located in the heart of Tehran, in the center of the stormy life of the capital.

Hotel Espinas is suitable both for business trips and for traveling. The interior admires with gold paints, antique furniture and expensive handmade Persian carpets, which gives the hotel a more expensive look.

Those wishing to taste national dishes will have a great time in a traditional restaurant, and there is also a restaurant serving Continental and Mediterranean cuisine.

It should be noted that foreign guests may not comply with the rules of the dress code while staying at the hotel: women can not cover their heads with a handkerchief.

The staff, who speaks fluent English, is ready to help you at any time of the day.


Most Luxurious Hotels in Iran: Dariush Grand Hotel, Kish

If you want to feel like one of the sheiks of ancient Persia, you should definitely stay in the chic Dariush Grand Hotel. The hotel is built in the style of the Achaemenid era and amazes with its luxury. The main entrance of the hotel admires. The architecture of the ancient country is striking with its majesty: two huge statues on both sides of the main entrance day and night “guard” the hotel.

As Dariyush is built in the style of classy Persian palace, it has an internal court yard with huge garden where it is always cool and pleasent to hide from the hot sun.

Dariyush Grand Hotel is located in the most popular resort of the country , on the island of Kish. The windows of the hotel rooms offer a beautiful view of the golden shore of the Persian Gulf.


Most Luxurious Hotels in Iran: Shiraz Hotel, Shiraz

Despite the fact that the hotel opened a couple of years ago, it has already become the most popular one in the province. One of the most ancient, and definitely, the most beautiful cities of Iran, Shiraz, attracts a huge number of tourists, and many of them choose this hotel.

The hotel has all the amenities and services corresponding to five-star hotels. Professional service, comfortable rooms, tasty cuisine and much more are offered in the chic hotel Shiraz.

The hotel with a modern design is located on a high hill, with a beautiful view of the whole city and sights.


Most Luxurious Hotels in Iran: Abbasi Hotel, Isfahan

Another popular and expensive hotel Abbasi is located in the historic city of Isfaha. The huge complex, which is more than 300 years old, is of historical value, and it is difficult to call it a simple hotel. Starting from the facade and ending with the interior of the hotel, everything is done in a traditional style. The hotel and rooms are decorated with Isfahan carpets and antique furniture.

Hotel Abbasi is located in the historic site of ​​Isfahan, near the main bazaar and the Imam Square. Nearby attractions include the Imam Mosque, the Haju Bridge and the Si-o-Seh pol bridge.

Like any real Persian palace, the Abbasi Hotel has an internal garden on the ground floor, where there is a restaurant and a teahouse. It’s so pleasent to enjoy tea or dinner in the shades of the fruit trees of the garden.


Most Luxurious Hotels in Iran: Ferdowsi International Grand Hotel, Tehran

Ferdowsi Grand Hotel in Tehran is located near the main bazaar of the capital, in the busiest area of ​​the city. There is another popular historical attraction, the Golestan Palace near the hotel.

The facade of the hotel is painted in a traditional style, and the main entrance is decorated with magnificent statues. The hotel has all the comforts and offers the services corresponding to its class: spa center, sports hall, conference halls, restaurants with national and continental cuisine and much more. The best part of the hotel is its own confectionery that offers traditional sweets.

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