Mountain Peaks in Iran 29/05/2018

We continue the series of publications about the natural beauties of Iran and want to tell you about the mountain ranges and peaks of the country. If most of Iran is covered with deserts, the second half is mostly mountainous. From one side, Iran is surrounded by Alborz Range, on the other side the country is surrounded by Zagros Mountain Range. Below you can get acquainted with the most beautiful mountain peaks of these two systems:


Mount Peaks in Iran: Alborz Range and its peaks

From the northern part of Iran, the mountain range stretches from east to west. On the mountain range Alborz there are several peaks that attract lovers of extreme tourism. The state actively develops an extreme tourism by opening new ways for rock climbing, hiking to attract tourists to the country.


Tochal mountain peak

Outside of Tehran, the majestic peak of Tochal (height 3933m) is already visible. There are several roads taking from Tehral to the mountain peak. One of the roads leads through the river Darband, on the way you can see two waterfalls, Abshar Dogulu and Sutak. Another road passes through Velendjak; ropeway will take you to the top. The last road leads through the Pelengchal gorge. This is the most popular route among the locals, which stop in the Jangiel-Cara Valley for picnics. Tochal is definitely worth your attention for its natural beauty, however the peak is more known as the mountain-skiing center.

Ski Resort Tochal has the longest lift in the world (8 km), mountain routes of 17 km in length and various difficulties. The season lasts about 8 months from November to April, and the whole ski season is crowded with local extremals and guests. At the top there is the Hotel Tochal, restaurants and cafes for your comfort.


The Demavend volcano

The highest point of the Alborz mountain ridge is the extinct volcano Demavend (5610m) is located 85 km from Tehran. The volcano is considered extinct, but there are still hot gas springs around the crater that form a cloud over the mountain from afar. On the way to the volcano, at an altitude of 5100 meters, there is a frozen waterfall Obshar Yakhi.
Demavend is a quite popular destination for extreme tourism. There are 16 routes to the mountain with camps for overnight stay.

On the slopes of Demavend, there is a ski resort, which was the very first in Iran. A ski resort is popular among the beginners who are not used to dangerous trails. At the top, there are 10 tracks ideal for snowboarding. On the slopes, there are four lifts and two gondola cable cars.

Another popular ski resort of Iran, Dizin, is located at the southern foot of Alborz. The height of the peak is 3550m. Steep slopes attract fans of adrenaline and professional athletes from around the world. In addition, the level of the ski resort meets the standards for international competitions. Due to its high location, the season lasts longer than in other resorts (from November to May). The ski resort has all the services for a comfortable stay.


Mountain peaks in Iran: Zagros Range and its peaks 

Zagros Range stretches from Tabriz to Bandar Abbas. Travelers who prefer spending time far from tourist centers, in secluded places where one can get aqcuainted with the life of Iran more closely, choose a route along the Zagros mountain ridge. Meanwhile, the Zagros mountain ridge hides uncharted beauty: stormy waterfalls, frightening rocks, salt lakes, gorges and meadows. The most affluent river in Iran, Karun rises from Zagros Range.


Mount Dena

Since 1990 mount Dena and its territory are considered a reserve due to a unique nature. The peak is ideal for alpinism and extreme tourism. The 80-km-long mountain chain runs through the provinces of Fars, Isfahan and Kohgiluyeh-Boyer-Ahmad. On the south side there is the Beshar river.

On the slopes of the mount Dena there are many picturesque canyons with hot springs, which form large and small waterfalls and mountain rivers.
The uniqueness of the territory is a large variety of flora, which includes more than 1200 species of plants, including herbs.


Mountain range Zard Kuh

Zard Kuh with the peaks, the part of Zagros Range, is located 73 km to the west of the city of Shahrikord, Chaharmahal province and Bakhtiyari. The height of Zard Kuh reaches more than 4000m.

The ascent to Zard Kuh passes through the settlement of Shahri-Korda, where the nomads were founded. The life of the settlers has not changed, and that is why tourists are so attracted by the settlement. The road to the mountain passes through glaciers and lakes.

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