before and after

  • Provide latest information regarding the terms and conditions to foreign citizens who are interested to join the Malaysia My Second Home Programme
  • Prepare application together with the required documents for submission to the Immigration/Ministry of Tourism and Culture Malaysia. This includes ensuring that the application form is properly filled up and all the required documents are attached and certified
  • Signed a Personal Bond with the Government of Malaysia to guarantee the good conduct of the participants throughout their stay in Malaysia under this programme. If the licensed companies' clients are caught violating the terms and conditions of their stay in Malaysia, they are required to arrange for the immediate deportation of their clients back to their home country, including purchase of air tickets, food and lodging, etc.
  • Inform clients about the status of their application until they received the Conditional Approval letter from Immigration Department. Advice client to come to Malaysia within 6 months from the date of approval of the Conditional Approval letter to fulfill all the required terms and conditions.